A buddy of mine asked me if I can do a quick drawing of a car for the Cub Scouts. I said absolutely not and after about 20 minutes... I ended up with these.

This is a 24 Hour Toon I did with the very talented Zar. The way it works is that you have 24 hours to complete a film based on a theme that is revealed 24 hours before the deadline. It's a blast! NOTE: Lots of coffee was consumed during the making of this film.

Check out the site if you're interested to see the other submissions:

Make a film!


Some character explorations for a new story I'm working on.

Ferrari 250 GTO

In the theme of speeding up the frequency of blog posts, I present to you the most expensive Ferrari in existence. With an original price tag of $18,000 it has grown to be worth a whopping 28 million. Also, quite possibly one of the greatest looking cars ever made. All hand crafted. Only 39 were ever built.

You might be saying "But Edgar, I have a family and it's the holidays. I can't fit a Christmas tree in there." No problem! They've thought of that too!

Just another day in the valley.

I saw this guy while leaving the local Pavilions. It's no big deal... just the most amazing unicycle you'll ever see in your life!